Create Your Amazon Business Account for Free

Is it possible to save your business’s hard earned money? Yes it is, with Free Amazon Business account you can save up the extra amount charged by your current vendors.

In addition to that, there are a lot more benefits of signing up and using the Amazon Business whether you have a small business, enterprise, or public sector.

What is Amazon Business?

Amazon Business provides convenient and cost-saving solution for business of any size. It provides business owners an access to bulk ordering at decent discounts.

It also allows the employer(administrator) an option to assign users who are allowed to make business purchase on behalf of the business. All options like payment methods, shipping addresses, approval workflows, reporting options and more.

Benefits of Amazon Business Account

Many businesses, specially the small businesses, can opt for Amazon Tax Exemption Program(ATEP). Amazon also provides an option through which you can easily check whether you are eligible for ATEP not. This is the major benefit for why business owners use Amazon Business.

In addition to getting tax exemptions, here are other benefits that you get by setting up your business account with Amazon:

  • Customized browsing and searching based on your business type: Amazon uses an AI to help customize your shopping experience to find products that match your business type
  • Amazon Business Card: Choose to earn rewards or take more time to pay interest-free on US purchases as Amazon Business
  • Quick Business Prime Shipping: Free Same-Day, One-Day, and Two-Day Shipping on eligible items for your business
  • Exclusive Business pricing: Select prices and quantity discounts on eligible items for your business
  • Business-only discounts: Quantity discounts above what you normally find on Amazon
  • Exclusive Items Not Offered on Amazon: Business-only item, including hard-to-find items like traffic signs, industrial deep fryers, antibodies, 55-gallon steel drums, dent pullers, and more
  • Single or Multiple Business accounts: Create a single or multi-user business account, invite additional users to join, and define groups of users to share payment methods and shipping addresses
  • Purchase approval workflows: Create approval workflows to enable better spending controls
  • Purchasing system integration: Integrations with third-party procurement solutions
  • Purchasing analytics and reports: This gives you the ability to look at spending activity and total costs on purchases at the individual, purchasing group, or type of spend level
  • Price comparison options: The interface will show you multiple prices and brands in one spot for a certain product. This helps you to avoid wasting time by clicking around to find the best deal on a brand you love
  • Tax exempt purchases: Make tax-exempt purchases and manage tax exemption permissions across an organization
  • Order tracking: Add purchase order or reference numbers to purchases to assist with reporting and account reconciliation
  • Amazon corporate credit line: Place orders and finance purchases using a credit line
  • Amazon Business customer support: Amazon customer service dedicated to registered business shoppers

Setup Your Amazon Business Account

Before you can start using the services provided by Amazon Business, you need to sign up. While registering your account you can also convert existing personal account to new account or choose to create a separate business account.

If you choose to convert your personal account then your existing Amazon order history, payment methods, and addresses move to your business account. Coworkers who have access to the same business account might be able to access this info.

If you create a separate business account then your order history stays private and you’ll have two separate accounts at Amazon; the existing personal account and newly created business account.

On creating entirely new business account your personal Amazon account order history, payment methods, and addresses stay out of your business account.

The Final Note

We hope you got the information on what benefits you will get by creating your amazon account and how you can set up your account.

Let us know your reviews and feedbacks in the comment section below.

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