About Me

I am a Content Strategist and Developer with months of experience in SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Copy Writing, and a lot more. Besides these I have also been a tutor for three years for the subjects Mathematics and Science before I started working with any structured organization.

I’ve had bad as well as good experiences in my life, this is exactly what made me the way I am now: grateful, full of love, with a desire to do something that will help me become a successful person in future and have a high quality of life. I believe that it is manifesting day by day and I feel even more responsibility for what I do and where I go. With all I already have, I know that I’m on the right path and I will do my best to inspire others to live the way they feel like living as well.

The goal I’m currently striving for is to make this world a better place to live. We find many things in our wold that are not in a way they should be. Rising sea levels, plastic pollution, poverty, illiteracy, terrorism, to name a few.

I have been involved in a job very similar to teaching and mentoring for over 4 years now, and have over 160 hours of experience as a successful mentor.

About Rabsum

I have been dedicated to my website, and have managed it as long as March 2019 (although I could not manage to do anything significant ). I created Rabsum.com with a goal in my mind to do something better. But why I chose “Rabsum” as my domain name?

So here goes a long story short; RaBSum is a portmanteau word made from “Radio by Sumit”. I nicknamed a radio transmitter “Rabsum” which I made for the annual science fair exhibition in my high schools.