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You are what YOU are

You need to keep the faith in yourself and always keep believing in your goal. But at such a time when you do not feel like trying, it is very sad and you should accept it and do your very best to keep going like this in the future. Sometimes you need to feel the need to give up hope. Just get the strength to keep going, and let every opportunity come your way.

I do say this because I have seen many people who have failed, but later have been successful. This is hard, but it is reality and there is nothing you can do about it. Do not give up hope. The real solution lies here: You need to accept your failure and accept what happened. You need to start all over with new ideas and new motivation. You need to start working at your dream again; you need to keep moving towards your dream. So it is not a case of having a good dream and then losing hope. It is a case of never giving up.

One question that I always get is, "What should I be doing or where should I be?" or "What …