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Anonymous Brain

The things that I have to find out more about the red cross on my way to be alone in this modern world of Warcraft. I have to go talk to me as a fuel pump relay for Life Ahead.
I'm very sensitive to the uninhabited island and if this proves to be true, then I have a great site to hook. The sky is blue and white striped.

Oh thee brain why you show the things first which you have seen before.



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"It was the most amazing ion exchange I would have ever felt", She was the most amazing girl I would have ever met, and that was the best experience I ever had. "The black molecule" is her beauty that was lit in the black dress, and she was looking no less than a queen. "Also had(/s) an isotope" represents this: that day I came across her only sister, they were probably fraternal twins. As per the previous data, (It has been said by the researchers) that only photons make the objects visible to us is for the faces which we see, gets stored in our memory, and the subconscious intelligence uses it to create media files (REM, DS or Lucid dream), contradicted this time. This claim appeared to be wrong this time, as I had never come across her before. There was no residual memory. I didn't knew her, still the threads were in the brain, still she is into my brain. Was it an extraterrestrial transmission, or just a creation of the brain.
Poem describing pas…

You are what YOU are

You need to keep the faith in yourself and always keep believing in your goal. But at such a time when you do not feel like trying, it is very sad and you should accept it and do your very best to keep going like this in the future. Sometimes you need to feel the need to give up hope. Just get the strength to keep going, and let every opportunity come your way.

I do say this because I have seen many people who have failed, but later have been successful. This is hard, but it is reality and there is nothing you can do about it. Do not give up hope. The real solution lies here: You need to accept your failure and accept what happened. You need to start all over with new ideas and new motivation. You need to start working at your dream again; you need to keep moving towards your dream. So it is not a case of having a good dream and then losing hope. It is a case of never giving up.

One question that I always get is, "What should I be doing or where should I be?" or "What …

Google wasn't smart this time

Greetings Readers!

The headline is contextual, so Google won't feel bad.

This is my first non-syndicated Post here, yeah seriously, the previous ones were for an experimental purpose.

So while this unplanned experiment was carried out, I found an astonishing outcome.

Didn't get it?

My page was visible on the SERP on a search query "How are fraternal twins formed"

Although I did not get a click for the result, still I was wondering why did my Blog appear on this unrelated search query.

After a bit (not byte 😜 ) I realised that It would have appeared due to matching keywords "fraternal twins" mentioned in Par_c➡️Parsi.

See what it read:

My apologies to google bot btw, as he (No, I'm not sexist! but bot seems to be masculine to me🤣) could not find what he was looking for.

So here's the answer for you in a language which would be easy for you(Google bot) to understand:

Querry: "How are fraternal twins formed"

Snippet: "


y=f(XiXi*X1Y1 ∪ XjXj*X2Y2)=…