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An old ambiguous theory

The ambiguous theory of everything is correlated  with the physics of surroundings as many of the surrounding things which are occurring or have been occurred or any process or phenomena going to occur obeys laws of nature.
According to laws of nature "Result cannot be achieved without action", time prediction is not possible but though time(future) prediction may be made possible by putting all the decision patterns not the process which are affected by time. Existence of our life or existence of anything depends upon time, and evolution is directly affected by time.
The system of existence to time flow is maintained by evolution and devolution. Evolution is a slow process, whereas devolution occurs instantly at the time of imbalanced nature.
Supposition of a flat universe for time travel is not practically possible. According to all known laws of motion and gravitation dimensionality of a matter universe cannot be flat, as a rectangular flat universe will have a negligible thickness which will not allow it to be coherently in stable condition and shall collapse within itself to form a giant dark hole.
Form all this, we may quer ourselves that from where did we come from?
Planets formed after Big Bang, when the large collection of gases and dust particles gathered to form a giant ball and started spinning, this again fiss into different systems and our solar system was formed.
The fundamental particles which made the..........

I'm aware that quanto cannot be visualised, and Dimensions cannot be spaced, be abrupt... it's just an experiment.


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You are what YOU are

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Google wasn't smart this time

Greetings Readers!

The headline is contextual, so Google won't feel bad.

This is my first non-syndicated Post here, yeah seriously, the previous ones were for an experimental purpose.

So while this unplanned experiment was carried out, I found an astonishing outcome.

Didn't get it?

My page was visible on the SERP on a search query "How are fraternal twins formed"

Although I did not get a click for the result, still I was wondering why did my Blog appear on this unrelated search query.

After a bit (not byte 😜 ) I realised that It would have appeared due to matching keywords "fraternal twins" mentioned in Par_c➡️Parsi.

See what it read:

My apologies to google bot btw, as he (No, I'm not sexist! but bot seems to be masculine to me🤣) could not find what he was looking for.

So here's the answer for you in a language which would be easy for you(Google bot) to understand:

Querry: "How are fraternal twins formed"

Snippet: "


y=f(XiXi*X1Y1 ∪ XjXj*X2Y2)=…