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"It was the most amazing ion exchange I would have ever felt", She was the most amazing girl I would have ever met, and that was the best experience I ever had. "The black molecule" is her beauty that was lit in the black dress, and she was looking no less than a queen. "Also had(/s) an isotope" represents this: that day I came across her only sister, they were probably fraternal twins. As per the previous data, (It has been said by the researchers) that only photons make the objects visible to us is for the faces which we see, gets stored in our memory, and the subconscious intelligence uses it to create media files (REM, DS or Lucid dream), contradicted this time. This claim appeared to be wrong this time, as I had never come across her before. There was no residual memory. I didn't knew her, still the threads were in the brain, still she is into my brain. Was it an extraterrestrial transmission, or just a creation of the brain.
Poem describing pas…

An old ambiguous theory

The ambiguous theory of everything is correlated  with the physics of surroundings as many of the surrounding things which are occurring or have been occurred or any process or phenomena going to occur obeys laws of nature.
According to laws of nature "Result cannot be achieved without action", time prediction is not possible but though time(future) prediction may be made possible by putting all the decision patterns not the process which are affected by time. Existence of our life or existence of anything depends upon time, and evolution is directly affected by time.
The system of existence to time flow is maintained by evolution and devolution. Evolution is a slow process, whereas devolution occurs instantly at the time of imbalanced nature.
Supposition of a flat universe for time travel is not practically possible. According to all known laws of motion and gravitation dimensionality of a matter universe cannot be flat, as a rectangular flat universe will have a negligible…

Anonymous Brain

The things that I have to find out more about the red cross on my way to be alone in this modern world of Warcraft. I have to go talk to me as a fuel pump relay for Life Ahead.
I'm very sensitive to the uninhabited island and if this proves to be true, then I have a great site to hook. The sky is blue and white striped.

Oh thee brain why you show the things first which you have seen before.



It was the most amazing ion exchange I would have ever felt. The black molecule also had(/s) an isotope.
As per the previous data, that only photons make the objects visible to us, contradicted this time. There was no residual memory, still the threads were in the brain.
Was it an et transmission, or just a creation of the brain.