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Frequency: two

The fish flying in the air trying to breathe in a hope to raise the in air time.
The past imprint remained dark on the fins, and the patterns were partially visible. Was it a mere Interpretation? Or a factual prediction, the hindsight bias blurred the vision.
In the effort to increase the tolerance, the frequency remained two. And the space was occupied, not with spontaneous stardust, but with the octaves.

Missing Device

That globe moved higher and its shade turned lighter, the sand dropped and stopped and the water poured and washed. After the circular path finally the wheel stopped.
The emerging point was now the destination but into the globe it was hidden.
It wasn't missing until the dark, or the realisation evolved into the darkness. That fact remains disputed as there were very less number of photons into the space.

The Verge

The verge of the situation and the peak so high that there was no control over voluntarily will. The free will submerged into the reflex arc and forced the heat out of the pot. The temperature o'er there did not raise as the insulating layer made the tint.

The Evening

Birds chirping over my head at around one tenth of mile away from me made me feel they were flying in the matter called air. Though the density of the medium was low still I could hear the words of the birds clearly. The windy wind touched my skin with a gentle pressure and made me feel the kiss of the nature. The dried seed pods of the lebbek made a soothing sound with the coherency of the dancing leaves and stems in the flow of harmony of air. The pigeons with their throaty sound and the koo of the cuckoo made me realise their happiness of departing to their home.

The falling matter

The weight was high, (and sometimes) the weight was low, as the particles moved in a discrete manner. The frequency of the oscillation was defined upon the path. The flashes of light and threads of process were subsequent. Then the Perpetual state of motion arrived and the friction between matter and it's medium diminished to zero.
The particles obeyed the laws of nature and followed their predefined path.

Weirdo Elimento

In the shadow yellowish orange colour, the pink was pretendo red by my self-intuition, but the prior knowledge of wire hanging subject remind me of its true colour.
The not fully covered envelope by the two patches of the leaflet was trying not to be confidential to me, and so it was visible through slit but it put efforts to make through the slot.
At the beginning of the emergence there was slight dispersion due to the slit, but later a real and erect image was formed of the text of package.
It was a clearer clue for the dilution but to slow down the process there’s a catalytic poison, and unfavorable temperature, pressure, and few other empirical factors.
The researchers waited long for the favourable outcomes but couldn't maintain the report frequency.
The hunt still continues for this element, the properties of which have not been known.